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Solana-powered checkout and recurring subscriptions.

Commerce Engine

On-chain marketplace for products, services, and software.
(Launching 2023!)

Virtual USD

A fully-reserved US Dollar stablecoin.



Process Payments and Recurring Subscriptions on Solana with our turn-key, simple to integrate API.

Wraps Solana checkout into a simple REST-based API. View our online documentation to see how it works.

Generate checkout links that can be added to any email or website. Payments are instantly available for withdrawal.

All products and services can be priced in US Dollars. Receive stablecoins that can be withdrawn to your regular bank account.

Customers can pay using any supported token. Solana-based tokens will be automatically swaped for stablecoins at the current market price.

Ultra-low fees compared to credit card and debit card processing. No setup fees or monthly service fees.

Virtual USD

Atellix Virtual USD™ is a fully-reserved, US Dollar stablecoin. Every Virtual USD token is backed by $1.00 worth of assets, without leverage.



Download the whitepaper and learn about ICO Token, the unique ICO Crypto approach and the team/advisors.

Whitepaper (2023)
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Payments API Docs
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AquaDEX Integration Guide Coming soon!



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If you have any questions, or would like to set up an AtellixPay™ account, please feel free to contact us.