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Building Next Generation Markets on Blockchain

The Solana blockchain brings the power and efficiency of digital currency to the mainstream. The Atellix.Network provides turn-key solutions powered by smart contracts that enable businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators to leverage the benefits of this new platform, including: lower fees, instant settlement of transactions, and more.

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Atellix Merchant Account

A Payment Gateway that allows any merchant to easily and quickly integrate online checkout and recurring subscriptions via the Solana blockchain. This merchant account wraps blockchain technology into a simple API, with checkout links that can be sent directly to customers, or integrated into your checkout payment flow.

Digital Currency & Stablecoins
Customers can pay using any supported token and the Atellix.Network will automatically swap for dollars at the current market price. Merchants always receive dollars.
Accepted Tokens
  • Cryptocurrency:
  • • Solana ◎ (SOL)
  • • renBTC
  • • Wrapped Bitcoin
  • Stablecoins:
  • • Virtual USD® (USDV)
  • • USD Coin (USDC)
  • • Tether (USDT)
  • • UXD Stablecoin (UXD)
Sales Priced in Dollars
All products and services are priced in dollars. A merchant receives digital dollars for their sales. With the Atellix.Network, merchants always receive stablecoins backed by $1.00 of assets so they do not have to worry about the risk of day-to-day fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies.
Instant Withdraw in USD Coin (USDC)
When merchants makes sales, the proceeds are available instantly for withdrawal. There are no additional fees for withdrawals. Merchants can withdraw to their own Solana wallets using the online interface.
½ the Fees of Credit Cards
The fees for Atellix Merchant Accounts are:
  • • $10 Monthly Service Fee (paid on activation).
  • • 1% Transaction Fee (paid by the merchant).
  • • 0.5% Swap Fee (paid by the customer) when paying with tokens that are not stablecoins like: Solana ◎, renBTC, or Wrapped Bitcoin.
Virtual USD

Solana-native, Fully-Collateralized $1.00 Stablecoin from the Atellix.Network

Merchant Account Features:

  • Payment Gateway API
  • Online Checkout Links
  • Recurring Subscriptions
  • SolanaPay Terminals (Coming soon...)

The Atellix Merchant Account provides all the features and capabilities you need to sell your products and receive payments via the Solana blockchain.

API Docs:

Payment Gateway API Documentation »

Powered by: Virtual USD®

The Atellix Merchant Account uses Virtual USD® as its unit of account. Since Virtual USD® is fully backed by $1.00 of collateral, and has a built-in swap function, you can seamlessly withdraw using other stablecoins such as Circle's USD Coin (USDC) at any time.

ACH Withdrawals coming soon!

Solana Blockchain, ₿itcoin Accepted

Use ₿itcoin as a means of purchase via bridged ₿itcoin satoshis on the Solana blockchain. The Atellix.Network supports both renBTC and Wrapped Bitcoin on Solana.

Automate Recurring Billing

The Atellix.Network has developed a composable smart contract that manages recurring billing. Recurring payments can be requested each cycle via the Payment Gateway API or triggered automatically each cycle by Atellix.

Atellix.Network Merchandise

Purchase official Atellix.Network merchandise via the Solana blockchain.


Atellix Logo T-Shirts »

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Merchant Showcase

SavvyCo VoIP Phone System

Buy VoIP with crypto. Recurring subscriptions powered by Solana. This is an example use-case of subscriptions enabled by Virtual USD® that any business can purchase today.

Online Checkout

Atellix Checkout & Subscribe

We designed a merchant account for the future of business. It allows customers to purchase your products and services using a selection of popular digital currencies:

  • Virtual USD® (USDV)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • UXD Stablecoin (UXD)
  • Solana ◎ (SOL)
  • Wrapped Bitcoin
  • renBTC


We’ve provided a bit of information to answer common questions about the Atellix.Network.

How do I get a Merchant Account for my business?

Create an account on this website for the business owner, or a manager of the business, then submit the "Merchant Registration" form.

renBTC, Wrapped Bitcoin, Solana SOL, Virtual USD®, USD Coin, UXD Stablecoin, and Tether.

There are no sign-up, monthly or withdrawal fees. There is a 1% transaction fee charged to merchants, and a 0.5% swap fee charged to customers who pay with tokens other than stablecoins.

The 0.5% swap fees makes up for the difference between the swap price quotes provided by: Switchboard.xyz and the actual market price of exchanging tokens on-chain, including fees to on-chain liquidity providers, slippage, etc.

The Atellix Merchant Account enables you to receive cryptocurrency as payments then transparently swap into USD Coin (USDC) tokens that can be withdrawn as cash at your crypto exchange.