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Atellix Commerce Engine is a Decentralized Commerce protocol running on the Solana blockchain.

Merchants can list Products & Services for sale in our common marketplace. Your offers will appear on and other websites syndicated via our API.

Integrated with Solana Payments for ultra-low transaction costs, just 0.5% that's it. Accept SOL, USDC, and more. Credit cards via Authorize.Net.

The Atellix Catalog Smart Contract allows merchants to securely synchronize their products and services to the internet. We provide a turn-key solution that lists your offers on Solana based on the inventory added through our online merchant control panel.
No coding required!

Atellix Network

Products and Services marketplace generated from inventory posted to Solana.

Merchant payment accounts for Solana. Supports: Checkout Payments and Recurring Subscriptions.

Decentralized Exchange on Solana powered by the AquaDEX protocol, a limit orderbook system. Under construction

Solana Payments & More!

At checkout, you can conveniently use Solana payments. Atellix's payment solution, AtellixPay, also offers support for recurring subscriptions, supporting Software-as-a-Service and other subscription-based services.

Accept Crypto, Receive US Dollars

Orders are priced in US Dollars. Customers can pay with SOL or popular Solana-based stablecoins, such as: USDC and UXD.

Instant USDC Withdrawals

Merchants can instantly withdraw their sales revenue as USDC on Solana.

Accept Credit & Debit Cards

The Atellix Commerce Engine supports multiple payment methods. We are currently developing integrations for Stripe and Authorize.Net.

Integrations & TypeScript API

By integrating our API, merchants can conveniently create and update product listings within their existing software. Atellix has integrated Vendure, an open-source, headless e-commerce solution.

Vendure® Ready

Atellix Commerce Engine is integrated with to provide a seamless, no coding required, experience for managing your product listings.

  • Instantly Create Vendure Store For Free
  • Control Panel to Manage Products
  • Order Notifications via Email
  • Complex Product Variants
  • Tax & Shipping Calculations

Decentralized Search

Atellix Commerce Engine inventory can be easily searched via our TypeScript API. This inventory is represented as JSON, or RDF graphs, following the widely recognized data format for products.

Merchant Integration

Atellix Commerce Engine retrieves its product data from compatible shopping cart software. As orders are generated, it seamlessly forwards them to the shopping cart backend.

Categories For Every Industry

Atellix has curated over 200,000 categories under which merchants can list their offers. Atellix Commerce Engine supports sales and promotions for events, jobs, and real estate, all searchable via Solana.

Marketplace Capabilities

Atellix is building next-generation markets on blockchain, starting with our Products and Services marketplace powered by Solana.

List Products On-Chain

Products and services offers on the Atellix Network are sychronized to the Solana blockchain. This signals to the internet that this merchant has new products available to be indexed.

TypeScript API

Developers can implement our free, open-source TypeScript API to browse, search, and purchase products listed on the Atellix Network. The API enables the posting of new inventory, events, and listings to the Atellix Network.

Multiple Payment Options

Atellix Commerce Engine supports other payment methods in addition to Solana. Credit card payments are under development. Bitcoin & Lightning Network integrations are planned.

Local Offers or Global Reach

Atellix Commerce Engine supports localized offers. Merchants can configure their service area. Atellix Network will automatically connect local customers to merchants in their area.

List Your Products

Join our marketplace by listing your products and services. Be up and running in minutes with our turn-key process.
No coding required.

App Screen

Pay With SOL, Receive USD

Customers can pay using Solana (SOL) and merchants will receive US Dollar-denominated stablecoins. No additional swaps, conversions, or trades required.

Manage Inventory With Vendure

No Coding Required Interface for Merchants

Join the Solana shopping network with our platform's user-friendly interface, designed specifically for merchants. Enjoy the convenience of managing your online store without the need for coding.

  • Manage Shop Inventory
  • Automatically Send Receipts
  • Accept Solana, USDC, and UXD
  • Accept Credit Cards
Our Roadmap

Atellix Development Milestones

We are constantly improving the Atellix Network. Atellix contributes to the open source community by releasing all of our software as open source. We hope you will join us on our journey as we develop next generation markets on blockchain.

June 2022 Launched Virtual USD

Atellix Network released a stablecoin, Virtual USD (symbol: USDV), and a smart contract for payment processing and recurring subscriptions.

Nov 2022 Launched AquaDEX
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • On-chain Limit Orderbook
  • MIT License, Open Source
Aug 2023 Launched Atellix Commerce Engine

Decentralized Commerce protocol for Solana. List products and services for sale on Solana.

Q4 2023 Enhance Atellix Commerce Engine
  • Sales Commissions & Incentives
  • React-based Storefront Template
  • Software Marketplace


Here's information to answer some common questions you might have.

What are some good Solana wallets?

Here's a few high-quality wallets for the Solana blockchain:

Currently supported Solana-based tokens:

We recommend the following resources to learn more about the Solana blockchain:

To on-ramp funds into your Solana wallet, or off-ramp fund from your Solana wallet, we recommend using a cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase.

How do I connect AtellixPay to my shopping cart?

Developers can integrate the Payment Gateway API into their shopping cart flow. Then add a button to their checkout page to complete the payment with AtellixPay.

Recurring payments can be requested via the Payment Gateway API, or by using a Checkout Link for a subscription offer.

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