ATX Tokens

Each ATX Token represents one Preferred Equity Share of Atellix, Inc.

Investment Offering Information

Total Shares 10,000,000
Pre-Seed Tranche 500,000 Shares
Pre-Seed Share Price $0.70 Per Share
Pre-Seed Tranche Maximum $350,000
Post-Investment Valuation $7,000,000
Investment Infomation Private Placement Memo
Investment Agreement Tokenized SAFE Note
ATX Token
Use of

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Investor Presentation

See the highlights of our strategy to build the premier Security Token DEX on Solana for Real World Assets.


How to Invest

Accredited investors, and a limited number of other investors, can purchase ATX Tokens.

  • Purchase ATX Tokens with USD Coin (USDC)
  • Powered by the Solana blockchain
  • ATX Tokens are equity shares of Atellix, Inc.
  • All rights of Tokenized SAFE included
  • Help build the best Security Token DEX

Swap SOL for USDC using Jupiter Aggregator

The Tokenized SAFE agreement is included with the Atellix, Inc. Private Placement Memo.

How to transfer funds?


Invest with USDC tokens via the Solana blockchain. You can swap for USDC using Jupiter Aggregator.

By Check or ACH

Investment by Check or ACH bank transfer is detailed in our Private Placement Memo.

By Wire Transfer

Investment by Wire Transfer is detailed in our Private Placement Memo.

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